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H&R Block Worry Free Audit Support 

H&R Block Worry Free Audit Support®

You can rest easy knowing H&R Block is there to help in the event of an audit. From outlining what to expect, to providing guidance on how to prepare for an audit, or having an H&R Block Enrolled Agent represent you before the IRS, H&R Block can help you manage the process.

How It Worry Free Audit Support Works:
Successfully file (via e-file or print and mail) your individual income tax return (federal or state) using HR Block Software or HR Block Online (with a paid federal return) and you are eligible to receive audit support at no additional charge for your tax return.

Retain your e-file confirmation e-mail or a copy of your tax return as proof of your eligibility for Worry Free Audit Support®.

If you receive a notice from the IRS or State Department of Revenue or are audited, H&R Block will provide you with assistance with the notice and/or offer to provide you with an H&R Block Enrolled Agent to represent you if you are audited.*

Call (1-888-482-9288) to initiate audit services that you may need. Conditions do apply. View the complete terms and conditions for details on how to apply.

Questions & Answers: Q. Can I do my taxes by hand and then sign up for Worry-free Audit Support?
A. No. H&R Block Worry-free Audit Support is only offered for returns prepared and filed (whether e-filed or printed) with H&R Block tax software or online tax preparation solutions.

Q. Who will benefit using Worry-free Audit Support?
A. Those clients who want no surprises after filing their taxes. It's a smart way to make sure you're covered no matter how complex your tax situation. The benefits of Worry-free Audit Support will be invaluable in the event that you need representation because the IRS questions your tax return.

Q. What is an Enrolled Agent?
A. Enrolled Agents are tax professionals who have demonstrated special competence in tax matters and can represent taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled Agents do not provide legal representation, signed Power of Attorney required. Void where prohibited.

Q. What are the services offered with Worry-free Audit Support?
Worry-free Audit Support Features

IRS Correspondence Management
H&R Block will assist with all communication that is initiated by the IRS/State Department of Revenue(s).

Audit Preparation
H&R Block will provide detailed information regarding how to prepare for an audit, and extend an offer for an H&R Block Enrolled Agent to represent you in the event an audit.*

Audit Representation
An H&R Block Enrolled Agent guides you through what to expect during the audit, attends the audit with you and helps you manage the entire audit experience.

*Enrolled Agents do not provide legal representation, signed Power of Attorney required. Void where prohibited.