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Electronic Tax Filing Software For 2017 - 2018


H&R Block Basic Features


HR Block Basic Features For 2017 - 2018

H&R Block Basic At Home + E-file

The Basic Edition is a low cost way to complete and efile your Federal tax return.

H&R Block Basic plus Efile is a quick, easy and inexpensive product for tax filer that don't want to be confused by complicated tax software programs.

Economic Tax Software:

H&R Block At Home Basic + Efile has everything you need to complete a simple federal tax return at a great low price. It's always easy to get confused and stressed preparing your tax return with the wrong software, and a software product that isn't user friendly can and will make filing a lot harder on you. Using professionally developed products from HR Block will simplify the whole process.

H&R Block At Home Basic Features:

More Details:

H&R Block At Home™ Basic

H&R Block Basic + Efile Features Include:

  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Double checks for errors
  • Easy for first-time users
  • Refund calculator displays your refund as you go
  • Live audit support with guidance and representation is included free when you file
  • 5 FREE federal e-files - get your refund in as little time as possible!
  • Print unlimited returns free
  • Audit support with guidance
  • H&R Block enrolled agent to represent you in the event of an audit
  • Import: Saves you time by importing tax data from last year’s TurboTax®, HR Block®, your employer, and your bank
  • Searches hundreds of deductions to get you the biggest refund
  • Plain English explanations and support from H&R Block
  • 100% Accuracy and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Guaranteed accurate calculations provide reimbursement from resulting IRS penalties and interest charges
  • Maximum Refund Guarantee, or your return is free.
  • Automatically double-checks your return for errors and omissions
  • Advice for Changing Tax Situations, such as getting married, having a baby, buying a home and more.
  • Everything you need to complete a simple federal tax return at a great low price
  • Convenient Payment Options, Pay for your preparation fees with your refund.
  • Worry-free Audit Support included when you e-file

Easy, low-cost tax preparation made simple:

Just answer simple questions and the program does the rest. Prepare and e-file your simple federal return quickly and easily. Finding Your Efile Key Code

Fast: H&R Block At Home Basic + E-file Quickly imports last year's HR Block online or software data, TurboTax® software data and H&R Block office data (only available from participating H&R Block offices). I'm a full believer that this software can make your life easier as it did for me. From the day I started using HR Block I found it was great at making life easier regardless of tax, math or accounting skills, - things you really don't need with this software.


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