TurboTax - vs - H&R Block, Electronic Tax Filing Software For 2018 - 2019

H&R Block Basic Review 

HR Block Basic Review 2018 - 2106

H&R Block Basic + E-file

Description: H&R Block Basic

This software edition includes everything you need to easily complete your federal taxes and, it comes with five free federal e-files. It is ideal for simple tax situations and easy to use for first-time buyers.

More Details:

Simple to use:

H&R Block Basic Edition walks you through the tax return process with a step-by-step Q&A session, with a new, easy-to-use, fully guided interface.

This software program automatically double-checks for errors and includes features available only from H&R Block. One of these features includes built-in expert audit support with guidance. Another added feature provides an H&R Block enrolled agent to represent customers in the event of an audit.

H&R Block At Home™ is the only do-it-yourself tax preparation with built-in expertise from the leading name in tax solutions.

The At Home Trade Mark:

H&R Block has changed the name of its income tax preparation software from HR Block to H&R Block At Home. Feature improvements include the ability to import 1099 and W-2 data into the program, along with, easier to scan pages, and alerts to new tax laws and tax law changes. in the step-by-step interview.

Online or Desktop Version:

H&R Block At Home desktop versions which are installed on your computer, work with Windows and Mac systems. H & R Block At Home Online which is used on the HR Block internet web site, includes the Free Edition, and a package called Best of Both with unlimited help and advice from a tax professional.

Unless otherwise noted, state returns can be added for $29.95 and state e-file costs an additional $19.95.

H R Block Software Advantages:

The advantages to using top branded software from HR Block are many but, the easy guided format is what makes this package simple to navigate without confusion and stress. It's an art to try and produce tax software that works easily for consumers of all different tax filing needs but, H&R Block has done just that with the new AT Home™ branded products.

Try H&R Block Basic for tax return preparation without the hassles of confusing software.