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Electronic Tax Filing Software For 2017 - 2018


H&R Block Deluxe Features


HR Block Deluxe Features 2017 - 2018

H&R Block Deluxe At Home Features

The Deluxe Edition is a low cost way to complete and efile your Federal tax return.

Economic Tax Software:

H&R Block Deluxe is certainly one of the best choices you can make if you have a family home and financial investments that can benefit from deduction advice.

Making sure your properly preparing and planning for getting the most out of your portfolio can save you thousands on your taxes.

H&R Block At Home™ Deluxe

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H&R Block Deluxe Software Versions

H&R Block At Home Deluxe Federal + eFile

H&R Block At Home Deluxe Federal + State + eFile

More Details:

H&R Block Deluxe Features

H&R Block Deluxe vs TurboTax Deluxe Compared

Which to choose? HR Block Online or HR Block Download

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H&R Block At Home Deluxe Features:

At a far more affordable price than TurboTax, this Delux Edition features more tools and abilities that cost a great deal more as add-ons in other brands. This is one clear area where using other manufacturer products can cost you a great deal more.

H&R Block Deluxe + Efile Features Include:

Everything from HR Block Basic Edition plus more advanced features.

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  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Import: Saves you time by importing tax data from last year’s TurboTax®, HR Block®, your employer, and your bank
  • Worry-free Audit Support included when you e-file
  • Customized interview process to help customers easily complete their federal taxes.
  • Five free federal e-files
  • Personalized tax guidance for popular occupations and specific deductions, plus answers to FAQs.
  • Audit support with guidance, plus an H&R Block enrolled agent to represent you in the event of an audit. Included when you file a federal return.
  • Advice, tips, and planning tools for the upcoming year.
  • Easily import W-2, 1099, and data from last year's return.
  • Quickly import data from HR Block, TurboTax, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro software.
  • H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations.
    • Plus more advanced features:
  • Support for homeowners and investors
  • Guidance for reporting investments and dividends
  • Proper tax filing support for home sales
  • Extra guidance on retirement income.
  • Personalized tax guidance based on popular occupations to ensure you get the most deductions.
  • Maximize deductions for home mortgage interest and real estate taxes.
  • Assistance on investment income and stock options
  • Advice for getting key tax benefits after life changes
  • H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations

Easy, low-cost tax preparation made simple:

Fast: H&R Block At Home Deluxe + E-file is certainly worth the price when compared to the biggest competitors. Give it a try and see for yourself.


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