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Getting H&R Block to Honor Free Efile 

HR Block Free Efile

Getting H&R Block to Honor FREE Efile

Did you receive a mail from H&R Block that promise you a FREE filing but at the end you are asked to pay $14.95?

This is a common complaint and it seems it will be ongoing from H&R Block since they make no effort to correct it.

H&R Block Efile Key Code

Here's how to get around it, you need a key code - call: 1-888-482-9288 and explain the situation. You will be asked a few things like how much your gross income was for 2007, I believe there may be a income limit for FREE Efile. If you qualified before, you should qualify again and be given a KEY CODE.

Then go to the filing page where you are asked how you want to pay the $14.95, choose KEY CODE then click NEXT. Fill in the KEY CODE and click NEXT again. Now you should see that the $14.95 is deducted and the filing is FREE. GOOD LUCK.

Filing an Extention: You can File an Extension with HR Block

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Where to Find Your H&R Block FREE Efile Key Code

HR Block Free Efile can make life easier and of course, quicker. You can choose to get your return by check or even directly deposited into your personal bank account with direct deposit, a super convenient way to go.

Some of the HR Block editions offer several efile offers with each product purchase. This can be beneficial to you if you live in a household that will be filing several returns or, if you do returns for family or friends and need to e-file them yourself.

Efiling has become the true easy way to go, and obviously easier to handle for the government since there is a much quicker turnaround time compared to paper filing when it comes to getting your refund back.

H&R Blocks HR Block software has an incredible track record with their continually evolving software. The continual updated software is largely more effective and easier to use with each issue.

Updates and back issues are available from the links above as well, or get ready for the new year with current editions. For this years software issue, click the H&R Block Official Site link at the top of this page and you will be quickly in control of getting a bigger return through current HRBlock products.

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