TurboTax - vs - H&R Block, Electronic Tax Filing Software For 2018 - 2019

H&R Block Premium 2018 - 2019 

HR Block Premium Online

Description: H&R Block Premium

Available for Download to your computer/cd

or use it Online

Features everything in Deluxe plus:
Live tax advice
Schedule C guidance
Tax laws and planning resources
Rental income assistance
Advanced tax calculators

Premium Edition is a great choice if you:

> are an investment wise individual that needs more guidance on financial issues like self employment Schedule C filing, Rental Property investments and more.

Supported Platforms

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Use Online with: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Mac OS X

Downloads available for: Windows XP / Vista / 7 Only

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H&R Block Premium Software Versions

More Details:

Which to choose? HR Block Online or HR Block Download

This Premium Software Edition includes everything from the Deluxe Edition, along with additional Premium Features for home owners, investors and more.

The "At Home" Premium Edition:

This edition is designed to deliver extra support for reporting investments, dividends, home sales, and retirement income. It includes H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations. Included as well is a host of money-saving tools for self-employed Schedule C filers and, advice, tips, and planning tools for the upcoming year

When it comes time to prepare your tax return you need to make sure your using software that insures the easiest process, along with the biggest tax refund possible. The professionals that built this icon company have the knowledge and experience it takes to develop a suite of programs that can and will make tax time a breeze...

Check out all our other information on each edition of H&R Block products and find which one will work best for your taxes and you'll be efiling in no time at all, it's just a great easy to use suite of tax preparation software editions.

Try H&R Block Premium for tax return preparation this year and see for yourself how this product makes tax time simple.