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H&R Block Rebates offer a great incentive to buy a already great product, and during the tax season these offers offer saving while the software itself will compound those saving on your taxes with saving from deductions you most likely have been missing year after year.

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How Will The Tax Rebate Affect My Tax Return?

Tax Rebates Economic Stimulus Act

Beginning in May of 08, millions of Americans started receiving tax rebate payments worth up to $600 for individuals and up to $1,200 for couples filing joint returns, as part of the Economic Stimulus Act.

Additionally, those who paid no income taxes but earned at least $3,000, or received at least $3,000 of Social Security, Railroad Retirement and Disabled Veteran benefits, received a $300 (or $600 for couples filing joint returns) stimulus payment as well, provided they filed a federal tax return the year before.

Individuals who were eligible for at least the base amount of the tax rebate payment (a $300 or $600 payment) also received an additional $300 for each qualifying child.

What the tax rebate was
The tax rebate payment was an advance credit that you received early. If you received it once, you won’t receive it again when you file.

However, because it was based on your 07 return, if you’re due a higher amount based on your 08 return information, you will receive the remainder when you file your return.

And, if you’re a parent who alternates claiming a qualifying child with another parent, and you did not receive the child-related rebate payment, you may qualify to claim the child-related credit on your 08 return if you are claiming the child.

Your tax rebate payment will not decrease your refund when you file your return, nor will it increase your balance due. It was an advance credit that you received early; if you’ve already received the full amount to which you’re entitled, you won’t receive any further credit.

If you’re eligible to receive a higher payment based on your return, you will receive that additional payment when you file your return. If you received more than you were eligible to receive, you do not have to pay back the difference.