TurboTax - vs - H&R Block, Electronic Tax Filing Software For 2019 - 2020

H&R Block State Tax Filing
2019 - 2020 

HR Block State

H&R Block Tax Software for Individual States

Instantly transfer all of your personal Federal Tax information into your HRBlock State program, answer a few state specific questions and you're done!

Print your return or file electronically to get your refund faster.

H&R Block State Programs are faster, easier and friendlier than ever. New enhancements to the Interview process simplify and eliminate unnecessary tax questions and forms, Saving you time and effort.

H&R Block State Software Release Dates

Instructions for Downloading & Installing HR Block State

If you purchased a version of HR Block that did not include a state program or you need to purchase an additional state program:

1.Open HR Block.
2.Click the Start a Tax Return button.
3.Click the State tab.
4.Select the needed state from the State drop-down list. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
5.Click the Next button to proceed to the Enter State Purchase Information screen.

Note: If your state program is not available, HR Block displays the date that the program should be available. If you would like to receive e-mail notification when the program becomes available, enter your e-mail address.

6.On the Enter State Purchase Information screen, enter the billing information and the e-mail address. HR Block needs needs an e-mail address to complete the purchase.
7.Click Next.
8.Review the information listed on the Purchase State screen to make sure it is correct.
9.Click the Purchase button. HR Block will automatically download and install the state program.

Re-installing HR Block State Windows users:

Open your HR Block federal program.
From the Tools menu, select Re-install State Program.
Select the state you want to re-install.
Follow the on-screen prompts to re-install your state program.

Mac users:
To re-install HR Block State from within HR Block:

Navigate to the following folder: ~/Library/Application Support/HR Block2008/ where ~ indicates your home folder.
Click on the State .bundle file to select it, where State is the 2-letter abbreviation for your state.
Delete the State .bundle file you selected by choosing Move to Trash from the Finders File Menu.
Navigate to the following folder: ~/Library/Application Support/HR Block2008/Completed Updates, where ~ indicates your home folder.
Double-click the .dmg file for the state you want to reinstall.
Double-click the State bundle file,
Follow the on-screen prompts to reinstall your state program.

Note: If you have deleted the ~/Library/Application Support/HR Block2008/Completed Updates folder, you cannot reinstall your state program. Contact H&R Block Customer Support for assistance in re-installing your state program.

To reinstall HR Block State that you downloaded and purchased from our Web site:

Navigate to the folder where you stored the downloaded file (*.dmg). Note: If you downloaded a state from our online store, the .dmg file is not placed in the ~/Library/Application Support/Completed Updates folder.
Double-click the State .dmg file,
Double-click the State .bundle file,
Follow the on-screen prompts to re-install your state program.

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