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Turbo Tax 2017 Tax Season Ahead Review

Some significant increases in revenue were experienced by TurboTax that no doubt give them high expectations for the 2016 - 2017 up coming tax season. Trust TurboTax 2017 to keep you on top and prepared for any changes that become law.

Predictions for 2017 include factors from the results of increased sales from the current tax season that are coming in strong. TurboTax online tax preparation units increased in sales by 15 percent and the company now expects consumer tax revenue growth above their previous guidance range.

This is all good news for TurboTax since this indicates that consumers keep returning to TurboTax each and every year to prepare their tax returns. This also indicates that they are drawing consumers away from other brands and gaining a larger portion of the do-it-yourself tax preparation market.

TurboTax Gains Market Share Heading Forward To Continue This Trend In 2017

TurboTax fiscal year 2016 online unit sales increased 15 percent when compared to the same prior-year period.

The results have become an outstanding tax season boost which is mainly attributed to their innovative end-to-end experience for new online and mobile customers.

Their go-to-market campaign was the main catapult behind the do-it-yourself software category that happened to grow much faster than other methods of tax preparation.

This is the third year in a row that TurboTax has gained significant market share of free and paid tax preparation product lines.

It's a mighty competitive market in the tax software industry, so it is very impressive that TurboTax can consistently increase their market share every year.

Tax Season Sales Comparisons for TurboTax Federal Units

  through through Change
  April 23, 2016 April 25, 2015 Year-To-Year
TurboTax Desktop 5,340,000 5,374,000 -1%
TurboTax Online 27,564,000 23,894,000 15%
Sub-total TurboTax Units 32,904,000 29,268,000 12%
TurboTax Free File Alliance 1,004,000 1,031,000 -3%
Total TurboTax Units 33,908,000 30,299,000 12%

What Challenges Lay Ahead For TurboTax in 2017?

Well, fact be told, it looks like a smooth road ahead for TurboTax in  the up-coming tax season, However, all distant tax seasons may be in for many new challenges if in fact whoever becomes our next president actually follows through on revamping the tax code.

TurboTax 2017 Discount

For 2017 TurboTax Tax Software the goal and promise is the same as every year. To get you the biggest refund possible, Guaranteed!

That fact aside, there are always other ways for consumers to save a buck, and TurboTax Discounts can help them do just that.

Through the right column on our website here, you can find the latest and greatest discount sales running on TurboTax products.

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