TurboTax - vs - H&R Block, Electronic Tax Filing Software For 2018 - 2019

TurboTax Business 2018 - 2019

TurboTax Business Online

It's easier than ever to do your own business taxes.

With TurboTax Business, you don’t need to know a thing about business taxes. Its customized interview tailors itself to your type of business - corporation, partnership, or multi-member LLC, and provides east to follow guidance to simplify your tax preparation and maximize your tax savings. Just answer simple tax questions as their presented and let TurboTax do the rest.

I use TurboTax Business Corporations and Partnerships Software, produced by Intuit, to complete my partnership tax return every year. I have found it to be the best quality software I have ever used, and I have tried most of them.

TurboTax Business allows me to review my return on paper continuously along the way before continuing with the interview process. I can check for errors, both in the software and by saving the file into PDF format. This is a very essential option for me since in my business tax return, I cannot afford to make mistakes, and certainly don't want to miss any deduction.

TurboTax allows you to import information from QuickBooks if desired, and also imports data from previous returns filed with TurboTax to simplify without re-entering information from past years.

TurboTax previous year filings are available on Intuit's site, stored safely in the TurboTax Online Vault. This is extremely helpful, since my business is on a fiscal year, and by the time I'm ready to do my return, the next year's software is already on the shelves.

The Turbo Tax Software Program is organized into convenient sections, each section is represented by a tab at the top of the screen. If at any point you feel that you want to go to another part of the interview, just click the corresponding tab. These tabs include Start, Income, Deductions, Depreciation, Balance Sheet, Misc., Review, State, Print & File and Finish.

Alerts You to Audit Red Flags — Points out deductions and tax situations that may increase your risk of an IRS audit.
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Turbo Tax Business Accurately Calculates Your Taxes, Guaranteed -

If you should get hit with an IRS or state penalty or interest because of a TurboTax calculation error, TurboTax will pay you the penalty and interest.

If your looking for a simple inexpensive way to do your business taxes, this is it, and there's no doubt that once you've use Turbo Tax, you will be better informed and prepared to organize better tax savings for next year.