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Electronic Tax Filing Software For 2018 - 2019


TurboTax Software 2018 - 2019


TurboTax Software

Turbo Tax Software is a CD/Download suite of products including these editions -

Intuit TurboTax Basic

Does the Hard Work for You

Intuit Turbo Tax Deluxe

Maximizes Your Tax Deductions

Intuit Turbo Tax Premier

Investments and Rental Property

Intuit Turbo Tax Home & Business

Personal & Business in One

Intuit TurboTax Business

Corporations, Partnerships & LLCs

For TurboTax Free Edition and Free Tax Estimator & Calculators, see -

Intuit TurboTax Online

Why should I choose Turbo Tax Software over the Online Editions?

The advantages to buying the CD or downloading and installing TurboTax on your computer over using the online versions are simple to understand. We will explain the difference here so you can make an educated decision on which is best for you.

TurboTax Software is installed on your computer as apposed to the online version where all information is online. Installing the software on your computer allows you to work on your taxes at anytime, even without a internet connection.

This advantage can be ideal for you in some situations

  • You are not going to be where you have internet access at times when you would like to work on your return.
  • You would prefer to store all your information as well as the program on your computer.
  • You don't trust the storage of your documents online
    • Note: technically, your documents are far safer stored in the TurboTax Vault online than they are on your computer, so don't be misguided. Your computer has a bigger chance of crashing or being stolen than the alternative of online based storage.

Having software on your computer is also a bigger advantage if you tend to do many tax returns for friends and family members.

In this situation it may be beneficial because all information is at your fingertips, even when your on the road visiting tax return clients in situations without internet access.

In most cases, for most people, either one will work well for most people, so, really the choice is up to which one you based on which one you would prefer to use, or are use to using.

Either way, Intuit Turbo Tax Software or the Online versions are really worth the investment when it comes to getting a bigger refund.

As simple as I can put it, TurboTax is the best selling software, so, if the majority trusts it, you should too. After all, popularity is one of the best indications your will ever get for quality products.


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