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Electronic Tax Filing Software For 2018 - 2019


TurboTax Premier 2018 - 2019


TurboTax Premier Online

Intuit TurboTax Premier:

Everything you need to do your taxes with ease. I tried TurboTax Premier for the first time and found that it did the best job of noting changes in the tax code plainly and up front.

But what what I really liked was the site's handling of state returns. Turbo tax offers actual guidance and advice at the state level.

Depending on your tax situation Intuit Turbo Tax Premier can be the perfect ticket for you. If your someone that tends to play the market with your investments. Or if you tinker in properties with rentals to keep track of, well, than the Premier edition is probably the perfect program for you. Keeping track of your investments can get overwhelming at any time but, TurboTax Premeir can ease the tension and make tracking your financial investments quick and easy for you.

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Income Rental Properties, make tracking your investments as easy as possible, all while insuring you get all the benefits and credit you can qualify for, That's what TurboTax Premier does!

TurboTax Premier Software also offers more import capabilities than the other tax programs, which can be a huge time-saver. TurboTax can import 1099s from nearly 100 different financial institution, and also imports data from newer versions of Quicken.

Import abilities aside, anyone with a lot of Schedule D investment activity should lean toward TurboTax: It was the most sensitive to the intricacies of these transactions without going overboard.

The Deductible module gave good guidance on what I could deduct for donated items, though according to IRS Publication 526, there are no fixed formulas or methods for finding the fair market value of donated clothing or household items.

One feature I really like is the Audit Risk Meter, which graphically monitors and illustrates how likely I am to be audited as I complete my return.

The thing about TurboTax that helps ease you along is the "Live Community"  a Q&A chat board with other users, a option for tax advice that TurboTax experts monitor to keep out bad information.

Other help options include the On Demand Tax Guidance feature, the "TurboTax Help" link at the top of the screen (which links to an online database of articles).

Turbo Tax Premier additional features include:

  • Helps You Accurately Report Investment Sales
  • Determines Your Cost Basis on stock sales, in three easy steps.
  • Helps with Employee Stock Plans
  • 401(k) Maximizer Shows you how to increase your 401(k) contribution without decreasing your take-home pay.
  • Turbo Tax Premier Helps You Find Every Rental Deduction
  • Simplifies Reporting Multiple Properties
  • Maximizes Refinancing Deductions
  • Handles Supplemental Partnership Expenses

TurboTax Premeir also includes everything in TurboTax Deluxe.

Overall I have to rate TurboTax Premier in the top 2 higher end personal tax return software programs, running along side of H&R Block Premium.


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